Silk Wraps, Curve Nails

Silk wraps and curve nails

Silk Wraps, Curve Nails

What is it?

Artificial nails are an option for anyone who has trouble growing their own nails. Some ladies find that artificial nails can help them stay away from the habit of nail biting. Also, please keep in mind that nail polish lasts longer on artificial nails. We recommend a refill every two weeks to protect your nails from breaking, chipping, lifting, and fungal infections. It is important that water is not trapped under the artificial nails as it may create a fungus. If you you wash dishes or clean the house, please put the latex gloves on because water can cause you nails to get fungus and dry your skin.

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Silk Wrap Full Set

Ideal for creating a natural and thinner look. Non-porous thin layer of silk is wrapped over your natural nail. Then, liquid glue is applied over the silk for adhesive. (75 minutes)

Silk Wrap Refill

Recommend a refill for silk wrap every two weeks to prevent lifting, breaking, or fungus. (60 minutes)